The 2013 All City Championships in Polaroids – Kyle Kelley

The 2013 All City Championships in Polaroids
Words by John Watson and photos by Kyle Kelley

Parties. That’s what Minneapolis is all about come the summer months and I’m not talking about the “take over the bar with 20 of your friends and sing happy birthday” kind of celebration. What partying is, to me anyway, is grabbing a case of beer or a bottle, booking around town, hitting trails, sitting in a park and taking a dive in a body of water, nude, after the sun has gone down.

In the midwest, that’s the way of life come the Summer Solstice and in Minneapolis, the All City Championships mark the height of such activities…

Last year, Kyle flew in from LA and I flew in from Austin. We were to shred, swim and participate in excess of all sorts. From Bandit Cross to the River Bottoms, hanging out at shops and taking shots, Kyle and I soaked in all that is the picturesque landscapes that Minneapolis had to offer.

Oh and skinny dipping. Lots of that. Every night.

Then, of course the track crit, alley cat, after party followed. Kyle stayed a few days after I left and made it out to the velodrome, really rounding out his Minneapolis experience. Looking back at these photos made me realize how important grassroots events like this are to the cycling industry. They’re not about selling you anything, other than the experience.

Summer is in full swing and the All City Championships are on their way next week, so I thought this bit of nostalgia would get you stoked on the events to come…


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  • This is genius!

  • Kyle Kelley

    I’m very sad I will not be in Minneapolis for this! I had so much fun last year!

  • Felix

    That bag on the fifth picture is so cool!

  • Richard Dreyer

    Such a good photoset!

  • best set on here in a long time.