#WheelieWednesdayz Game Strong Jun 4, 2014

This is too good to not share… And please, we can all see this is reckless, there’s no point in stating the obvious in the comments. Instead, let’s embrace the epicness of #WheelieWednesdayz.

  • Brian Santapau

    Reckless? At least hes still has his reflectors. Loving the Rough Riderz vest.

  • Tyler Johnson

    That was sick.

  • Dude has skills…and entertains.

  • Tim de la Motte

    12 o’clock Boys!

  • Jeff Lai

    Dude this is reckless.

  • Nic

    He should just ride a unicycle.

    • Lars

      I came here to say the same thing. Why even bother with a front wheel.

  • The 14-year-old me would have killed for that bike and those skills. Bonkers.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Despite the skill it takes to do wheelies for days, I quickly got bored with them. MOAR Matrix bus walks please. That shit was awesome.

  • caliente

    Yes! Awesome video. Now back to Gillian Welch. So relaxing.