Watch Ira Ryan Crush the Oregon Outback on his Breadwinner B-Road Gravel Bike Jun 24, 2014

Ummm… Holy shit. Ira really killed the Oregon Outback on his Breadwinner throwback B-Road Gravel Bike and there’s video evidence. Such a great watch!

  • henrilefebvre

    unreal…proof that you can go outside and just do whatever you want…also multiple all-nighters for arch school mean nothing to me now

    • Richard Smith

      Maybe in your country! Here, Big Brother is always watching. Big Brother hates gravel; it gets stuck in his teeth…

  • Tyler Morin

    I love this bike so hard. I am going to make one mine in the next year hopefully.

  • Weston Edwards

    This guy and this bike blow my mind! I also liked Jan Heine’s account:
    He finished second (in 30 hours), and then decided to keep pedaling the 220 miles home to Seattle!! Like a Boss!

    • Yep. I still wish Jan would do just one ride without fenders. haha.

      • Chris Valente

        All good man, i know all that international jetsetting to bike events is hard work! ;) Seriously though I just went back and reread the comments on the B-Road post. Serious lulz from all the comments about tubing and DT shifters, but props to Tony for giving some insider info and though behind the bike. These guys are quickly moving to the top of the list for my mid life crisis bike…

        • Yep I just party and all my elves shoot photos and stay up until 2am post-processing them! It’s so easy! ;-)

  • Chris Valente

    Damn that is impressive. Also your link to the B-Road actually goes to the Bad Otis review. Frankly I would love to ride either!

    • Fixed. Sorry it’s been a hectic morning….

  • Respect!

  • Dobry

    Great scene at 1:15 of the video. Here’s your new marketing slogan, “Breadwinner Bikes: Way Faster Than a Cow”. You guys can have that for free . . . or, send me a bike if you really like it.