Tomii Cycles: 2014 Cross Team Frame by JL Custom Paint Jun 11, 2014


Nao at Tomii Cycles has been working on pulling together a cross team for this year’s season and we all know that paint can make, or brea… ok, nevermind. What I’m trying to say is that paint is very important to a team bike.

This year, Tomii reached out to JL Custom Paint to do his thing and the end result is insane. See more of the 2014 Team Stampede at the Tomii Cycles Flickr!

  • Gabriel Lyman

    I love his work. His attention to detail is top notch.

  • Noyes Crossing

    Wow, like wow, such rad paint. Wonder if they’ll do the kit to match? #crossiscoming

    • Eric Baumann

      the paint was done to match the kit ;)

  • Icarus Frames

    Nao and Jordan killed it on these! And someone else if they were involved in the design and execution. Can’t wait to have Nao in Austin!

  • Damn that paint is unbelievably hot!