SOLD OUT: The Radavist Script Pocket T-Shirt Jun 9, 2014


When I approached LAND here in Austin to do the branding for The Radavist, I gave them a few requests. One of which being a spirit animal. I wanted it to be a severe abstraction of a bicycle wheel. The resulting image was a jackal, with a back that was scarred from falling and a long tail that it walks on, much like a tire tread.

The other reference is pretty straight forward. I’ve always loved the Leica logo, so we took some cues from it for the script logo. Both of these elements represent what I believe the Radavist embodies.

I’m very happy with the branding as a whole, LAND did an amazing job mixing in elements from obscure references like the Elder Futhark, which we’ve seen on other t-shirts. There’s more to come this week, in terms of products, but we’ll start off with a summer staple: the white pocket tee.

These American Apparel pocket t-shirts were printed by Industry here in Austin and are $25 + shipping.


  • Goog Smells

    I really want one, but I think I need to be honest with myself and admit that I’m too sloppy to own a white t-shirt.

    • Dude, dirty white shirts are where it’s at.

      • Goog Smells

        Yeah, I went ahead and grabbed one. Any chance you’ll come up with another run of those OG black Radavist t-shirts? Those were great looking.

        • Keith Gibson

          if you need a large OG shirt, I have one unworn/unwashed. I ordered a med and large because I was unsure of size.

          • Goog Smells

            Thanks for the offer, but I’m definitely too skinny for a large.

          • Rob T.

            Keith…I would love to buy the large if want to sell it.

  • Greg Pinch

    I just ordered one. Should I wait to have it shipped to see what else you have available this week?

    • I ship on Wednesday and the rest of the products won’t go up until Thurs / Friday.

      • Greg Pinch

        I don’t mind delaying my shipment to see what else I can buy ;).
        My stuff has to ship to Canada so it’s worth it to ship all at once.
        Any hints on what other items are coming next ?