The Speedvagen Integrated Cross Stem Still Rules Jun 6, 2014


Ever since I first got to use one of Speedvagen’s Integrated Cross Stems, I was in love. After deciding to “archive” the CX Worlds Edition, I commissioned Speedvagen to make me an all-black version. As long as my cross bikes use cantilever brakes, one of these stems will be resting atop of the steerer… especially since they look so good in all-black!

It’s such a simple design, on a high-tech component. It greatly improves the usability of a cantilever cross bike, for a small upcharge to the retail price on a standard ENVE stem and right now, Speedvagen is offering free Shipping on all Speedvagen Integrated CX stems for 1-week. Use code: SHIPMYSTEM at the Vanilla Cycles Boutique.

  • Eric Karacsonyi

    What’s going on with the rear brake and rear derailleur. Nice cable routing

    • Chris

      Looks like Campy electronic shifting. Hopefully this has the through seatpost stop on the rear.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    I’m still impressed with the sexy, minimal, effective design. *link broken btw

  • David

    Love campag on a cx rig.