Speedvagen: 2014 Surprise Me Road Jun 27, 2014


Just when I thought Speedvagen’s paint jobs couldn’t get any more elaborate, they post this beauty to the Speedbloggen. Head on over to see more photos, including the process Coat utilized on the finish.

  • Western Rapid

    Speedvagen are like the Apple of bikes: they’re about five years ahead of the competition. Cool stuff…

    • kermitonwheels

      Way in front

    • michaelvsShark

      Poor analogy. Five years in technology is like looking back 20 years. 5 years ago we didn’t have tablets as we know them today (iPad came out in 2010). Not to mention all the things apple products don’t/can’t/won’t do that other companies implement regularly. Maybe as far as construction quality goes, but as the statement stands it’s too broad. Also apple vs. anything is a huge can of worms.