The SF Sprints Are Coming June 28th Jun 8, 2014


On June 28th, SF Sprints return to Golden Gate Park’s polo fields. Head over to SF Sprints for more.

  • Nic

    Why track bike only? That’s racist.

    • Track bikes only since this is a race inspired by traditional track cycling competitions. Nothing against roadies, everyone’s welcome to come watch!

  • From watching the promo video, it looks like a solo 200m or so? That’s reassuring that it’s solo.


    • odenator

      If they run it like last year, the top two then go head to head to decide the winner.

    • Ornotbike

      New promo vid coming soon with more details. It will be a flying 200m solo sprint using timing chips. The top placings will be determined by match sprints. There is also usually a pretty stiff tailwind, bring a big gear!