SF Composite & ORNOT: The Big Things – Corn Dogs Jun 10, 2014

In a response to that Rapha & Team Sky: The Little Things – Rice Cakes video, SF Composite‘s mtb team made a parody with ORNOT featuring everyone’s favorite gas station delight, the corn dog. This is too good… and for what it’s worth, it’s a playful parody, no harm intended!

  • henrilefebvre


  • Alex Forbes

    “Because they have a lot of chemicals inside and it’s better than real food”
    Hahaha, i love it.

  • adanpinto

    In fact the original it’s already funny…they forgot to mention “use the inhaler just before the last climb”. These little things…

  • Jamie McKeon

    woah the original is probably the most epic video about rice i’ve ever seen

  • Wait a minute?! Are you saying I wasn’t eating shit food in college?
    I used to feel so guilty these were a huge part of my diet. :D