See You at the Melburn Roobaix Jun 24, 2014


Tomorrow I’m heading out for another dose of Australia to document the Melburn Roobaix for FYXO. I know there are a bunch of events happening while I’m there, like this party and other rides, so if you’re planning on being in Melbourne, I’ll see ya there.

I’ll have plenty of products with me to hand out, so don’t be shy (of course you won’t be, you’re Australian)…

  • kermitonwheels

    bring your gloves

    • Yeah I got wool liners, waterproof and wind shells

      • Nick Horvath

        its going to be bloody cold!! look forward to seeing you there!

        • It’s not that bad! It’s like 50 degrees.

  • Kevin

    Have fun dude!

  • Josh

    Have a good flight mate! See you when you get here!

  • Jii

    Grab a MTB and get Fyxo to hook you up with some Kingbrights and hit the Yarra Trails for a night ride! It’s mint. Be keen to join if you head out.