Saturday at the L’Eroica Britannia Festival

The L’Eroica Britannia was born from its mother event, L’Eroica in Italy, a race where vintage rules everything and aside from the random cell phone in the palm of a rider, everything is period correct. Brooks England brought various media sources out to ride on their team and I was lucky enough to score a position.

Here in the UK, the event is in its first year and with a crowd of over 2,000 riders in attendance, they need a place to call home base. Located in the town of Bakewell, UK, riders have set up camping tents in the pleasant valley along the river.

Rolling hills and picturesque landscapes await, but until then, there is music, drinks and food to be had.

We began our morning with a cold-start descent from our cottages at the top of the hill range, down to town for a sausage sandwich, pudding and some coffee – at least that’s what they called it… From there, we rode out to Chatsworth to tour an old estate, showcasing art that was “procured” from around the world before ending back at the festival for late-afternoon food and drinks…

Today the 2014 L’Eroica Britannia awaits.

  • Richard Smith

    That’s a Mercier, not a Mercian. And where’s the Strava data? ;)

  • chris brown

    Would it have been chatsworth you went to?

  • Jamie McKeon

    makes me want to visit england!

  • Brad

    Enjoy it don’t strava it.

  • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

    Really cool set John ! The ambiance seems to be really nice. And it is really pleasant to see something else than the Italian landscapes when we talk about l’Eroica.
    Oh, and pic #48 is a MERCIER, not a MERCIAN.

    • Yeah, I know. I was typing this at 5am before we had to hurry out the door to the event today… It’s a typo. It happens! ;-)

      • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

        No pressure :) Was just sayin’ in case you didn’t pay attention to it.

  • Matt Rumora

    Maybe shoulda tried the tea? (smiles)

    • Raoul Morley

      Yes it’s summer Earl Grey with Lemon…

    • Tea sucks! Black coffee all day. ;-)

      • Matt Rumora

        Couldn’t agree more… Coffee. Black. Tea is… well, not of my cup of tea.

        • I drink tea in the winter, with bourbon and lemon… Haha

  • Raoul Morley

    Yes but did you get any tarts?
    The riding round there is just lovely although the staff on the Chatsworth estate are sometimes a bit precious about a muddy rider ;0)
    The Peaks are a lovely day trip from London, even if it does mean an incredibly early start.

  • Gordon Watt

    Love that “Glory Days” take on the GB logo

  • Aaron

    That’s a Merckx, not a Mercian!

  • Steve

    been following Pinp for years, it’s so weird to see all these photos from my back yard! Also, to the commenters below – it’s “The Peak” -singular. ;)

    • Raoul Morley

      Yes it’s the Peak District National Park, as there’s Dark Peak and White Peak I thought I’d get away with the generalisation ;-0)

  • Chris Chapman

    Nice to see these photos of the Peak. My folks are in Tideswell, were harping on to me about the ride coming through town. Enjoy what is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world!

  • hans

    “The sun set over a moody sky and we returned to our cottages…” great set man, really enjoyed this one.