Richard Sachs Cinelli Bar Tape Jun 11, 2014


Before you get all excited, this is just the first run of samples, taken from Richard’s Facebook. House Industries and Sachs spent a lot of time working on the design. I think it looks awesome and can’t wait to see it all muddy at cross races, hopefully this year. Head over to the ATMO FB for more.

*edit, Richard posted an update in the comments. The tape is 30-40 days out, so keep an eye on the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team site.

  • Richard Sachs

    Hi John –

    Thanks for pasting this in. The tape is a project, long in the planning. The folks at House Industries worked over-overtime on many iterations before we signed off on what you see. The goals included having all logos show fully regardless of the overlap, for one stamp tool to be usable/readable for both left and right sides of the bicycle, for the delivered length to span the widest, deepest bends possible without running out of tape, and (most importantly) for the logos to retain their scale. Our experience is that using an original art file is great until you start tugging and stretching around the bends and curves. House Industries redid the RS marque by a percentage in all dimensions so that it yields a perfect logo. We looked at many sizes and proportions before signing off on the tool that stamps the logo.

    The Cinelli Volée RS tape will be available in five colors, and we expect to have the inventory in 30-45 days. Big thanks go to Cinelli and to House Industries for making this happen atmo. They are both sponsors of the RSCX Team.

    Hey – let’s get some hits:

  • Adam Miller

    Is it bad if I want bar tape that just says ATMO in big block letters?

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    i hope it’s got cush’n for the push.