If I Were in Minneapolis Jun 29, 2014

… I’d be riding this trail again.

  • William W. Dolphin

    Hardness level totally inflated! But then again it is the Midwest.

    • Yeah this was a baby trail system for sure but it made me miss Minneapolis.

    • Aaron

      Yeah. Lebanon “hills.” But still looks fun ;)

  • Lemontime

    Rocky? Technical? Uuuh…

  • Tim Werts

    its a good trail. but easily rideable on a fully rigid rig. sadly half the trail is under water right know and they have it closed down to a 3 mile loop.

  • Very inflated, or at least they didn’t video any rocky, technical parts…. However, being from the Midwest, I can confirm there are very technical trails. I’ve lived/ ridden with the best in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and them some…..Don’t bash the Midwest until you have had a chance to ride em all! Nice video. Keep it up!