Manual for Speed with Argonaut and Speedvagen: Reach for the Dream Jun 26, 2014


Manual For Speed in collaboration with Argonaut Cycles and Speedvagen present Reach For The Dream… What is Reach for the Dream? See more below!


A guide to self-actualization through living the #customlife. Today we launch the first of two parts – we’re announcing the project, the players and painting broad strokes. Coming soon to an internet near you will be part two of Reach For The Dream, the completed one-of-a-kind #customlife bikes, lookbook, and associated gear needed to do it your way, all the way. Just cause you can fit on a stock bike from the bike store called The Web, does not mean that you should. Dare To Reach For The Dream.


In celebration of #customlife, you can preorder the Reach For The Dream kit (Sight Unseen – trust your collaborators!), designed by Attaquer and made with love by Castelli at Manual for Speed.

  • My brain just melted.

    • BA Beck

      Do you dare step into the unknown?!?