The Lost Lukens Ride Jun 24, 2014


My buddy Hans Groszkruger had sent over this ride and I posted back in March. Somehow, it appears to have dropped off the face of this site. Maybe it was skipped in the migration? Who knows. All I do know is that Hans’ Rocklobster has taken him all over Los Angeles and his ride inspired Kyle and the Golden Saddle gang to venture out and tackle it themselves.

Head over to Tracko to see some photos and read on below for Hans’ ride reportage. With only three photos, I didn’t have enough for a gallery, but you’ll enjoy it anyway!


Mt Lukens. I’ve ridden this fire road with my buddy Rob a couple times but made it to the summit by myself for the first time on Saturday. Probably the most epic views I’ve seen yet in the San Gabriels. It was pretty overcast for the whole climb and then Bam! –made it out of the clouds and into the light and the summit was right there.


A telecommunications array at the summit and the weird buzzing from that coupled with the howling wind was pretty spooky up there all by myself. Saw a total of 2 people (a hiker and another mountain biker) the entire 4 hours I was up on that mountain. I guess there is one place in LA that isn’t crowded…

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