The Kitsbow Merino Base Short Jun 9, 2014


While my favorite go-to bibs for MTB riding are the Giro New Road bib undershorts, my new favorite non-bibshorts are the Kitsbow Merino Base Shorts.

I wore them every day on the Oregon Outback and I’ve begun using them exclusively during short and sweet MTB rides. Because the main material is merino wool, they dry fast, feel soft, keep you cool in warm weather / warm in cold and don’t get super funky like synthetic blends tend to. They’re great for camping or touring as well, because they’ll dry faster than synthetic shorts.


The only issue I’ve found is more of a product of cycling shorts, versus bibs, than it is any flaw of the product. Shorts tend to shift around a lot, because they don’t have straps keeping them in place, so you’re more likely to get chaffed if you’re not mindful. I learned my lesson after the first day of the Outback… Make sure they’re pulled up and remain up!

So why not wear bibs? I like not having to remove multiple top layers every time you’ve gotta go. The ability to “drop and go” when you’ve really gotta go outweigh wearing bibs, especially when camping. I’m taking about those, grab the TP from your bag, toss the bike down and sprint for the trees moments… You’ve all been there before.


The Kitsbow Merino Base Shorts are made in Canada, retail for $220 and fit true to size.

  • Greg Ralich

    I love lots of bibs but a nice pair of shorts can be a good buddy for sure. Will definitely check these out.

  • Alex Forbes

    How thick is the chamois? (Compared to Endo or Rapha) They def. look like a solid piece of kit though.

    • That’s a tough question. It’s about 1/2″ thick at the ass.

      • Kinda like the Padded Merino Boxers by Rapha, if you’ve tried em? I like those for “I’ll be home soon honey!” extended commutes, but a pair of under-bibs would be nice for mtn. Thanks for the info.

        • I’ve used them, these offer a lot more padding.

  • You wore Mission Workshop over these, but would you use them just as they are?

    • I did. With a merino shirt. You could I guess, I just don’t like the way cycling shorts and a shirt look. Kinda “Fred-ish” and if were to wear a jersey, I’d just wear bibs.

      • Cool make sense! Got the SaS bibs and two jerseys anyways—but they looks so damn awesome and great for 1 day trips!

  • Lots of questions sorry, but would you recommend these for a week touring SF to LA in August? With their adjustable shorts over? Or too warm? Thanks