Head Shots, Head Tubes and Dirty Butts Jun 30, 2014


It’s winter here, Down Under and it’s been quite the shock to the system. I was just getting acclimated to the heat of Texas Summer and now I’m riding in nothing but cold weather and pissing rain.

Today Andy and I went riding a few local trails and after our ride, I shot a few photos. Nothing serious, just head shots, head tubes of our bikes (thanks to My Mountain Melbourne for the loaner Yeti SB95c!) and dirty butts. See a few more below.







Because I’m still in shock that my 5DMKiii died after shooting the Roobaix in the rain, I opted to leave my camera at home, rather than take it out on the ride… You didn’t miss much. Just a lotta muddy, off-camber, slick trails and a few wallabies…

  • Love your huge fanny pack, whats the brand? And the jacket you are wearing would be nice to know as well. I hate asking these questions but I A need a bigger fanny pack and I am B on the look out for a new jacket since forever. And isnt it Fyxo since forever? At least it all makes sense now.

    • It’s a Porcelain Rocket fanny pack for Hunter Cycles. Rick sells them from time to time, follow him on the ‘gram to see when they’re in stock. @condorcazador

      The jacket is ACRE, made in Canada at the old Arcteryx factory. The best riding jacket I’ve owned. Great pockets, breathable, packable. It’s pricey, but a worthy investment.

  • Ouch for the camera. You’ve acquired an expensive doorstop!!

  • AttackCowboy

    For those who, like me, wanted to know more about Fyxo’s ride, here is a link to his gallery about it: