Golden Saddle Rides: Low Track

Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

In many cases, I’m not a huge fan when someone swaps parts from a chromoly bicycle to an aluminum one, but in this case I was a-ok with it. This particular customer went from a frame sourced in China to this delicious Low, locally sourced and homegrown right here in California!


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  • The rear brake lever is just for something to hold onto and/or aesthetic balance?

    • D.J. Bolles

      Probably both. I’m sure it bothers somebody(not saying you) that a track bike would be set up like this but, I really like it! Great build!

    • Rob X

      Dummy brakes can be for both purposes. I like the extra positions and I also like balance, so that’s why I’d run a dummy lever.

      • I ride with hands on the hoods a lot, so this seems like a “positive” for me!

      • They’re technically called “stoker” brakes.

  • Andrew Low

    Thanks for the post! I’ve been tempted myself to set up my single speed with dummy brake levers. Lot’s of hand positions for road riding

  • Ted Barbeau

    Those black Phil hubs are the bees knees.

  • jamon


  • beautiful build! too bad you’re destroying the all black HED Belgiums

  • Josh Caffrey

    Awesome bike, and of course that stem is bonkers!

  • HH

    what’s up with the (apparent) uneven rear wheel dish in pic #4?

    • The wheel wasn’t centered in the track ends.

  • DopePedaler


  • Adam Carter

    beautiful. went up and saw dklein in berkeley, and he gave me a sick ass low sticker, so now I have to have one in my life. how much do cute little white kids bring on the market today?

  • Zack Cunningham

    That bar tape is beautiful! Can anyone tell me who makes it?

  • odenator

    twat fork is that?

  • Richwalknz

    Cool build but something about it just seems off. The welds are damn nice though :)