Gideon’s S&S Coupler Rivendell Rambouillet Road

The Rivendell Ramboullet, a multi-purpose road bike with long reach calipers and clearance for up to a 38c tire. It’s a super practical light tourer and everyday ride, made even more practical with S&S couplers.

Gideon’s got an eye for bicycle builds. This Campagnolo-equipped machine has all the right components, in the right places. Even the TA cranks look great with the pewter paint job. The Rambouillet was always one of my favorite Rivendell models but it’s unfortunately no longer available. Although the Roadeo is a pretty close match.

Earlier this week, he swung by the new office here in Austin and I shot some photos as he downed a Topo Chico (he is usually downing all my bourbon)…

  • james

    You’ve given’ Rivendell some love – that’s nice they deserve it.
    I have a Rivendell custom road which is very similar to this bike. I’ve had mine for 12-years and it has been so fun.


  • Pat

    Beautiful build! Might be time for a new stem though, I believe Salsa recalled those:

    • Powell

      And I was just about to comment on how much I liked the stem!

    • This one’s pre-recall…

    • Pretty sure this is pre-recall.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Is the right drop on the bar bent? Looks odd.

    Also, confused by the slammed seat pillar. Seems like the frame is a wee big.

    I love frame pumps…but they make picking the bike up a major pain in the ass, especially if you have a saddle bag AND hardly any post to grab. Not digging the crankset either, but hey, it ain’t my bike.

  • Dan Smith

    Clean them pulleys breh

    • It’s been raining a lot here in Austin – everyone’s bikes are dirty.

  • wyrrk

    the mise-en-scene! or, if you want, ‘sweet colors, brah.’

    • Breh

      • wyrrk

        I just lost the slang race. I should accept that my losing races is complimented by my loving this photo series. UN-Racer for the win.

  • Zachery Small

    The frame is beautiful, too bad the set of mismatched parts bring down the overall look.

    • You crayyyyyzay. Seriously, what are you taking about? Are you blind? That bike is the shit!

      • Zachery Small

        I’m not denying it’s a nice bike, but it ain’t porn worthy. It looks like a bunch of hand me down parts pieced together on a frame that’s deserving of something more thought out…but that’s just my opinion.

    • wyrrk

      lols. trolling right? You’re trolling, right?

      • Zachery Small

        Atmo dawg.

        • ATMO is cool, but why point it out? Why waste the energy commenting on a dude who cares about the actual ride and not the “overall look”?

          Gid is such a rad fucking guy and you’re downplaying his favorite bike!

          Real people read comments about their bikes. Why not just be super posi about it?

          • Zachery Small

            You’re right John. I’m glad he loves and rides his bike. #posituesday

          • All I want is a high five from you right now. Cheers man.

    • Eric Hancock

      LOVE the mismatched shifters

    • Jim Bronson

      What exactly do you consider so mismatched? My Rivendell is similar, T/A crankset, Chorus derailers, Shimano cassette and bar-ends, TRP levers, R559 “Big Mouth” brakes (for 650b conversion), etc. Unlike this bike though everything is in high-polish silver.

      I mean, the rims, cranks, rear derailer, brifters, saddle, seatpost, stem and bar tape are all black. Some elements are silver like the hubs, headset, handlebars and crankarms, which appears to me to function as an accent color. It doesn’t look that mismatched to me. I think it flows pretty well.

      Maybe you are just some hipster who thinks the height of bike fashion is a fully matched groupset. Who knows.

      • Zachery Small

        Yep, its a great bike! Yours sounds really nice too!

      • Aaron

        So, curious. Do you have to use a Jtek adapter (or similar) to make your Chorus derailleur work with your Shimano cassette, or does that not matter since your shifters are also Shimano? Or do you maybe use friction bar-ends?

      • James Acklin

        Flip it around and you’ve got Shimergo!

    • David T

      Jesus, people flip out about stupid shit. Even operators of ultimo stretchy plastic bike sites

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    I have that same TA crank. Fucking love it!

  • younggods

    I love everything about this bike. Wish they still made that stem.

  • btdubs

    There’s something special about a Campagnolo-kitted non-racing bike that’s just been ridden to hell.

  • 1939ba

    Love a bike that gets used! Like those cranks too.

  • Riley Ross

    That bike is great. I actually love the mismatched parts too. I think it can tell two stories. I take you at your word that it was probably meticulously pieced together with “all the right components in all the right places.” Another route would be that Gideon loves the frame and build so much that he’ll do anything he can to ride it. Either one is respectable and “beautiful bicycle” worthy.

  • professorvelo

    Style is sometimes about getting ‘wrong’ right

  • Arturo

    anyone that be perplexed or upset by the parts selection or look of this bike, don’t get “it”, and might never will. too many garage queens out there…drive side, big ring, waxed bike, matchy matchy bikes that looks swell in their picture against a garage door, but really never get the piss ridden out of them. this bike is “chewed up”, anyone that doesn’t get that reference need to watch the last 5 minutes of louis ck stand up of the same name.

  • David

    Pretty much everything about this is awesome.

  • adanpinto

    I really love rivendell’s approach to bikes. It’s always a pleasure to look at bikes that have been used and abused.

  • James Moore

    yus, yus, yus. beautiful bike.

  • Bas

    Love how that bike is ridden to hell and back. That’s the best kind of love you can give a bike. What tires are those?

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    all those classy, quality black and silver parts look like they match pretty well to me!