Firefly Bicycles: Whatchamacallit Jun 8, 2014


Alfine Di2, THM Clavicula cranks, ENVE, custom integrated cockpit, custom anodized lugs to carbon tubes, THM Scapula F Aero fork, Gates carbon belt drive… What DO you call this bike? I guess, just another insane, custom Firefly.

See more below and even more at the Firefly Flickr.









My mind is blown.

  • xscott902x

    I’m currently torn between “THIS IS AMAZING!!!” and ‘WHY?!!!”

  • Fema Camp Counselors

    Almost looks like the pedals could strike the ground.

    • Richard Smith

      That is a lot of BB drop, right?

  • pretty awesome, however I would have gone with disc. the hub is disc-ready as it is..

    • btdubs

      Disc? Too heavy. This is a weightweenie build.

  • Chris Andrews

    That is an amazing combination of unusual components – It really does seem to work. Any idea the weight?

  • sprint4burritos

    Ummm…you call that custom—you can get whatever the heck you want. I’d also also an excellent bike for burrito runs.

  • Giovanni Jimenez

    The drivetrain must be butter smooth and Ninja silent. Such a clever build. I would show up to every group ride in the city to make sure everyone saw this thing. I am curious as to how the owner plans on using it.(weekend show-off bike? Unexpected crit machine? Mountain Slayer?)

    • I just imagine it’ll be an everyday road bike.

  • kasual