Firefly Bicycles: Black Metal Steed Jun 5, 2014


Oh praise to the Necronomicog. Dear lord of the darkness and campfires, what have you manifested upon my eyes? What is this steed upon which you ride? I cannot get over how rad this bike looks.

Firefly’s bikes keep throwing me a curve ball. Just when I think I know what I want, I see a sinister steed like this. Hell, even a disc version would be killer. Yes, I just said that.

See more at their Flickr.

  • henrilefebvre

    Klaatuuuuu… Baradaaaah….. Nikto!

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    give me fuel….give me fire… give me that which i desire…..UHHH !!!
    whoa…newtallica lyrics make sense with this. :P

    • Metallica ain’t black metal bro.

      • Sebastian Kills Francis

        i know.
        i’ll bow out for not being in trend.

        • I’m just messing with you! Metallica is harder than Slayer. At least they don’t go to church! ;-)

          • Jamie McKeon