David’s Circle A Cycles Long Ride Road

In the past few years, Brian Chapman has shifted interest in frame building. Initially, he was half of Circle A Cycles but recently, he began building under the moniker, Chapman Cycles.

The work Brian is producing at Chapman Cycles is exceptional. Not that his work at Circle A was lacking in any regard, but going out on his own allowed Brian to really pursue his vision of what cycling truly means to him.

When I look at David Wilcox’s road frame, I see Chapman Cycle’s future, even though this bike was built years before Brian began building for his new venture. Geometrically speaking, this is a road bike with a traditional geometry, but functionally, it’s much more.

Rack, fender mounts and clearances for up to a 33.3 slick, this bike is a “long ride” road. It was built for the Oregon Manifest, specifically for David Wilcox, or as he’s known in the Northeast, “the Wilcox“.

Much like Chapman Cycles, David has gone off on a journey of his own. He just happens to be towing the new and improved Rapha Mobile Cycle Club, Tillie along with him. On his new path, he’ll be meeting up with countless group rides where, more often than not, watts and carbon are the nomenclature, not steel and plump tires.

Eventually, someone notices the brazed Circle A Cycles on the downtube, the large tires and mid-reach calipers. Or maybe they notice the spokes that were brazed onto the chainstays for chain slap protection and around the internal routing exit-port for a little added “pop”.

At that moment, David becomes the “hero” of the ride and all other technology present becomes obsolete… Well, almost.

Last weekend, I planned a route, dissected from our Super Bro Weekend ride. Four of us showed up and after five miles, my knee decided it wasn’t ready for the big day, so I bailed, only to return later in the day to shoot David’s bike amidst the rolling hills of the Austin area.

  • Greg Ralich

    One of my all time faves! I first met this bike when it was in the van with your original Woodville en route to NAHBS in RVA!

  • a m

    Dude, it’s goofy to have that anti-garmin sticker and then just go and use an out front mount!

    J/K, lol!

    It’s a pretty bike!

  • Justin Scoltock

    Love this type of bike, just ready to shred! Also that spoke/chain guard detail is nuts.

  • Robo Vazquez


  • Márton Sógor

    The dirt makes it look a bit older than it is, but is definitely shows how well loved this bike is.

  • Wade Stevens

    I love bikes that are clearly loved.

  • marsi

    I first saw Brian at a video of props digital bmx magazine riding flatland, and hope he does it to this day. I am very excited that some bmx riders, my self included, get stoked in other forms of cycling!

  • barry mcwilliams

    It’s a damn nice bike, and the Wilcox rides the crap out of it. Super-proud stuff. And it’s got a bell!

  • abelincoln

    I need a bike setup just like this. Ugh.

  • Allez Rouleur

    I know traditional geometry bikes showed less post than the compact frames of today, but for a custom bike…seems like the sizing if off with only a handful of CMs of pillar showing. Hmm.

    And Skratch Labs? Seems like if you are gonna play up your “anti-modern” bike…you aren’t going to promote Lim. That dude helped “modernize” the pro peloton for most of the 90s. His recent comments on Pharmstrong are fishy as hell.

  • Rogan

    Clearance for 33.3c slicks? will the SRAM callipers clear that? Just wondering is all!

  • Morgan Taylor

    Last two shots. Bangin.

  • stefanrohner

    beautiful bike