Completely Insane 1914 Australian Bikepacking Journey from Adelaide to Darwin Jun 13, 2014



So, you’re really into bikepacking, that “new” thing, huh?

100 years ago, today, Edward ‘Ryko’ Reichenback rode 3,000km from Adelaide, Australia to Darwin. The trip took him 28 days and in that time, he battled the elements, got carried by Aboriginal tribesmen by stick – literally, hogtied upside down – and trekked across swamps. I feel like a jackass for whining about a windy, rainy night in my posh-ass tent.

Seriously, is this a Foster’s commercial in the making? Read the whole story at the Dailymail.

  • JLN


  • jamie

    hows that head angle on the fork !!

  • Tommaso Gomez

    Is he riding fixed? Did they even have freewheels back then?

    • recurrecur

      must be a fix.

  • Scott Edward Perrin

    no aussies drink fosters , that’s why we export it

    • I don’t think Fosters is made in OZ anymore. Besides that was just commentary on the whole “Aussies do it tougher / harder” thing…

  • Mo Shizzle

    “no Garmin, no rules.”

  • hipster

  • kermitonwheels

    Frame bags haven’t changed much in a hundred years.