Chris’ Yamaguchi School Light Tourer

Yamaguchi’s framebuilding school has turned out some incredible talent over the years. While many enroll with hopes of becoming the next hot thing, some go to just learn the art. Chris Chou, a guy who probably has the most bikes featured on the Radavist, ever, went to Yamaguchi a few years ago to build a light tourer.

Like all Yamaguchi school frames, this bike was made from True Temper tubing and brazed by Chris over the course of a few weeks. When he was finished, he sent it off to Fresh Frame for paint.

Because Chris had never built a bicycle before, the original stem developed a stress riser, so Chris had his then housemate Ian at Icarus make him a stem. From there, the Nitto bars and Campagnolo 10 speed group add a considerable amount of class to what many would consider a utilitarian bicycle. PAUL e’rything, a Crane Bell, Mellow Johnny’s stem cap, my old Pentabike bar end and there’s a lil #JahBlessed going on with the Salsa Rasta Skewers and Ride Jah Bike button.

SON’s Edelux system and a Supernova E3 rear, lights the way and an Ostrich saddle bag holds the daily commuting needs. Cole rode this bike during the Yonder Journal (dis)Enchanted Rock Brovet and slashed a tire pretty badly on a river crossing, so Chris threw a Conti on, leaving the tires mis-matched, which I would add to the character of this bike.

I really love photographing bicycles like this.

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    i actually said rad…..avist, out loud while looking at the pics.

  • datniqqanoel

    i was wondering how the stem turned out so perfectly until i read the writeup. sweet ride.

  • interested

    Does anyone know what bottle cages those are?

  • geoff.tewierik

    Nice looking bike.
    Why the cork in between the chainstays behind the BB? Holds the mudguard in place?

    • carl bradtmiller

      no chainstay bridge, just a laterally reinforced bottom bracket lug.

      • Yeah, there’s no place for the fender to mount to between the chainstays, so the lodged-in cork gives the fender a home.

  • Kyle C

    This is mind-boggling, I think I’ve finally found my dream-bike.

  • Trevor H

    This is such a sweet bike Chris. Definitely want to build one of these myself. This motivates me to determine if I can run the E3 taillight with my IQ Cyo headlight..

  • hans

    one of my favorite bikes featured thus far

  • btdubs

    That stem is sick, and is the best part of the bike.

  • Psy

    Always love seeing more bikes that come out of this class, and especially so when they are well ridden!

  • Zachery Small

    That raw stem!

  • Colin

    why dont you put air in the tires before taking photos?

    • There was air in the tires. He rode the bike over to my office that day. Look again, it’s the shadow making them look flat…