Chris King Buzz Sessions: Old Light Live from the Factory Floor

Every year in the months of May and September Chris King challenges his employees to commute to work by bike. Though the majority of our staff bike to work year-round we have a number of folks who happen to live too far away to make a daily bike commute plausible, but during our bike to work challenge months they find a way. Riders are tempted by their ability to earn two extra paid days off per month and are coaxed along by workmates.

During these months our staff bike room balloons to overflowing with every parking space occupied and bikes piled on each other. It is an inspiring sight and though we wish we could see the room this crowded all year long we know that for some taking part during these two months is a herculean effort. To show our appreciation and to give ourselves an excuse to have a little party Chris King surprised his staff with an in-house concert by the Portland band Old Light.

This band rips. If you like good, loud, rock and roll then clear your playlist and bathe your ears in some Old Light. Of course we had to have a little beer on hand, and thanks to our friends at Base Camp Brewing this wasn’t a problem. And so it was, with the brilliant afternoon sunlight spilling in through our factory windows we stood around nodding our heads, sharing a laugh, taking photos and sipping beer while our senses were flooded with amazing music, you could say that it was the perfect way to finish off a long day of work.

-Kyle von Hoetzendorff