Cannondale’s New 2015 CAAD 10 Mean Green Track Machine Jun 30, 2014


I could give two shits about “spy” or “leaked” product shots. Personally, I feel like when a product is ready for public consumption, it’ll be posted in reputable sources but seeing this on Tracko got me stoked on production-level track bikes.

The “rumor” has it that this’ll be hitting the boards soon. See more on this Cannondale fan page on Facebook.

If only it was still made in the USA.

  • Eric Baumann

    i remember seeing a dude on a prototype at RHC Navy Yard last year, the CAAD10 tube shapes caught my eye…though looking at this photo the front end seems pretty relaxed for a dedicated track “race” frame…

    • Alex B

      You sure that wasn’t a regular CAAD10 with an EBB? The CAAD5 track had a road front end so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same held true here.

      *love* the green to clear fade, though here’s to hoping for a full brushed finish like the last Capo 1.

      • Eric Baumann

        Yes, 150% positive, I talked to the dude (in full cdale kit) riding it at length about it. If you look hard enough through pics from the race you’ll probably find one of him/it.

  • Eric Hancock

    Take my money!