Bishop Bikes: Magnus’ Singlespeed Jun 6, 2014


Man, this bike has been in process since 2012. Seriously. I remembered those Courage track ends specifically. There’s a saying that all good things take time and that can certainly be applied here. Magnus’ bike is looking amazing. See more at the Bishop Flickr!

  • Brian Santapau

    Devil’s in the details, what an understatement with this one!!!!!!

  • Magnus as in Magnus Walker? Very reminiscent of his style, beautiful bike.

    • hans

      i was thinking the same thing

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Absolutely stunning, so nice to see those ends put to good use. The photos of those track ends were immediately engrained on my foggy mind way back when you posted. I swooped a second/third hand Courage CX a few months ago- anyone know how to get a letter to Aaron Hayes? I need a new rd hanger and I’m stumped…

  • naisemaj

    God the accents are great, so well done! That lugwork is outrageous.