Ari’s Bike: A Story about a US Army Vet, PTSD and Cycling Jun 24, 2014

Today’s videos are so amazing…

“This profile film follows US Army Veteran, Ari Sonnenberg throughout the streets of Portland, OR as he describes his 15 years in combat, his transition into civilian life and his struggle with the Veterans Affairs system. Throughout everything in Ari’s life, cycling has been a constant source of therapy and joy.

To view the entire story, please visit Juliet Zulu.”

Thanks for sharing this video, Brenton!

  • Robo Vazquez

    Love this. Cycling is so much more than just that thing you do as a kid. I can’t relate to him completely cause I’ve never served but cycling has helped me and many others I know cope with life. Thanks for sharing this vid.

  • Adam Kachman

    just ran into Ari this afternoon at the CHROME store. immidiately the most engaging and welcoming dude. much rad.