Apidura: Lightweight Bikepacking Saddle Bag Jun 10, 2014


Using ultralight Dimension-Polyant VX21 materials, Apidura has designed a series of bikepacking bags that are ultralight, tough and waterproof. This saddle pack, along with all of their other bags, comes in two sizes and is in stock now at the Apidura web shop.

  • jesselash

    Strikingly similar to the Viscacha, before they updated to use one seatpost strap instead of two. Did one copy the other? I wish the Viscacha had the elastic drawstring on top that the Apidura has. I also wish both were easier to spell.

  • movemint

    The Viscacha has loops on top of the bag. Grab some elastic cord and a cord lock from you local camping store and you’re all set.