44 Bikes: Lynn’s Huntsman Ultegra Di2 Jun 30, 2014


Kris from 44 Bikes recently completed a cross bike for his wife, Lynn. Pictured above, it’s anything but a standard issue bike. Ultegra Di2, sinister black paint, disc brakes, Thomson, Cane Creek and ENVE, this bike looks great but the back-story is even better…

See more below and check out the entire process at the 44 Bikes Flickr.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.05.50 PM

“When we first met, I discovered she had one of the best Hardcore/punk rock album and 7″ collections I’d ever laid eyes on. All the goodies: Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, Jawbreaker, Underdog, Gorilla Biscuits, Bad Brains, Verbal Assault, 7 Seconds, Marginal Man… Pretty much take the Discord Records list and it’s all there including first pressings of all the greats.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.06.03 PM

“Anyway, long story short I knew she was the girl for me (we got married not just because of the record collection, a nice bonus however obviously). But she used to ride road a lot before I met her, and has been missing just putting her head down and cranking. We have so much dirt around here, this Huntsman just made perfect sense. 32’s with room for 40’s if she ever decides she want’s to go that big, internal cable routing to keep things clean, Ultegra Di2 kit which was actually how Shimano compensated me for their Nahbs show bike, so I gave her the full Di2 kit I received.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.05.43 PM

“That’s true love I suppose… Build kit rounds out with ENVE CX disc fork, Thomson Carbon Bars, Elite stem/seat post, Cane Creek 110 hs, WTB Crosswolves and an older WTB saddle till she can decide on the right saddle. Flat black with gloss decals because she admitted “Yeah, that combo is pretty fucking bad ass…” So it goes. Honestly, I don’t force people on that. It’s just such a tough combo they can’t say no.”

  • PwetStar

    Great looking ride–especially the black on black!

  • David

    Jawbreaker is the greatest band ever. Great bike, too.

  • Thanks fellas for the kind words and to John for posting this one up. For the record, the lucky number stamped on the seat tube badge is the Straight Edge X. We went out for her maiden voyage last night. Totally stoked. I (and she) couldn’t be happier with this one.

    • Alex Forbes

      The frame, paint, and build are all on point on this one. Amazing machine man!

  • mattprovidence

    So rad! Terrific story (my wife had the same killer record collection) and what a beautiful ride. Kris crafts ridiculously dialed-in bikes (like my commuter).

    • Thanks for the kind words. A client of mine now who resides in the same home town spotted you a few days ago. When I send over his commuter, you’ll have to start a 44 bike gang Matt. He’s getting an all murdered out ride too, bob-job fenders but with rear rack and gears.

  • Jake Brown

    I’m so happy that I am in the queue for a Huntsman. I cannot bloody wait! Kris is killing it!