The 2014 Melburn Roobaix

There are enough competitive races, or rides that look like races in the world and the Melburn Roobaix is not one of those events. Instead, Andy and Melody White from FYXO aim to bring people together, from all “rolls of life” to take a leisurely spin around Melbourne’s many cobbled back-alleys and bike paths. I.e. off the beaten bike path…

With over 2,000 registrants this year, planning was essential. Rider registration the day of was streamlined, there were now two route options, with over 40 variations for completion and yes, plenty of prizes, all of which were drawn from a lottery. It didn’t matter how fast or slow you completed your manifest, as long as you did so, you were eligible for prizes.

So… what is the Melburn Roobaix all about? I don’t know how to answer that, other than it’s all about the participants. There’s no overwhelming demographic, not one specific type of bike reined supreme. Rather, a broad sampling of the Melbourne cycling community attends each year. Commuters, ex-racers, current racers, weekend bike path warriors, enthusiasts, cool kids, kinda cool kids, first timers, party goers, costumed freaks, costumed geeks and yes, even people on Melbourne’s rentable city bikes.

I have to say, after spending over six hours in the rain, following meandering packs of people wearing soaking wet costumes, looking for cobbled alleys, I’m convinced this is truly one of the most down to Earth events in the world. Everyone was more than stoked to ride around in the pissing rain, into headwinds and without a care in the world. The people are what make it so much fun and this Gallery is dedicated to just that: the people of the 2014 Melburn Roobaix.

Many, many, many thanks to the people of Melbourne (particularly the patient drivers), the crew from Brisbane / Queensland I rolled with, the volunteers, vendors and FYXO for making this such an enjoyable event!

Now if I can just figure out why all “Roubaix-themed” events wreak havoc on my camera gear!

  • Sean Talkington

    looks like loads of wet fun

  • Dobry

    That looks fantastic. Even a recumbent in the bridge picture. I wish there was a ride like this in the US. Preferably NYC or Boston.

  • Kevin

    This is amazing!

  • kasual

    Looks like an amazing time. John, any word on what happened to your camera, which setup were you using?

    • The 5DMkiii is weather proof. You can shoot in the pissing rain, all day long and it’ll be A-OK, as long as you have a weather sealed L lens with a filter, which I did. Something happened and it shorted out… It hasn’t woken up yet.

      • kasual

        Sorry to hear that! Hopefully she comes back to life and you didn’t lose too much work as a result.

  • beau

    Great photos man.
    Thumbnails continually minimise while trying to view though.

    • It happens on big galleries, which is why I rarely do them. Nothing we can do about it…

  • Thanks for taking so may awesome shots john, shame about the camera, there might have been so many more

  • prosickent

    I shared a bed with Scott once, He was the big spoon.

  • kermitonwheels

    I’m so sad I missed it this year. It really is so much fun.

  • Austie Kha

    We saw you slip over on the velodrome just before presentations were about to start, hope that wasnt the killing blow on the camera!