Velo Orange: Six Pack Rack May 8, 2014


Cyclists love beer. I prefer bourbon. Bourbon fits in a bottle cage. A six pack does not. Velo Orange solves six pack problem. Cyclists rejoice.

… but it’s a prototype. Is this a good idea? I think people will dig it!

  • Strikes me as a ‘show bike’ idea, like those twee leather holsters for wine bottles. Also, Vallie Components already did it…

    • Neil, you know good well it’s not about who did it first… Peacock Groove “did it” too. As have dozens of other builders. VO is taking an idea and potentially mass-producing it for those who can’t afford a custom rack from Vallie, Peacock or whatever other builder has dabbled with the idea.

      • Fair play, Mr Watson. If you could be so kind as to research and publish which of your favoured padded camera bags/inserts will sit snugly into it, us camera geeks would really appreciate that. Gotta multipurpose these things, even if the primer is booze.

        • Looks like it’d fit the Poler camera cooler pretty well.

  • Ted Arnold

    May be nice to have something to keep bottles in place, allow the ride to destination to encounter “unexpected turbulence” and not lose any tasty goodness. Aesthetic not as clean with that, but with only six in the chamber every bullet counts.

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    I’ll buy. Also makes the little rack more useful in general.

  • Zephyr

    It would probably be better as a rear rack, *keeps the glass away from your face in a crash* and less likely some cop judges it as drinking and riding (depending where you are this is illegal)

    • But then you can’t see when someone tries to steal a bottle at a stop light!

      • Zephyr

        add a lid, also would be useful on bumpy roads by keeping in all down.

  • Brian Bowe

    I’m in

  • Daniel Lurvey

    what tires are those?

    • Chris Davis

      I was wondering the same thing, what kind of tires are those?!

  • Nick Hike

    I want one, it’d be perfect for our local Thursday night party called “Taco Ride”.

  • Looks like a good way to shake up some beer.

  • bourgeoisbee

    PDW Takeout Basket does the same. I love mine.

  • Sean Curran

    This is pretty good if you ask me. Beyond the beer, take the cage off and you got a normal rack, keep it on you can stuff a towel in there for a beach cruise, or a jacket etc. I’d buy.