Talbot Frameworks: Tesla Di2 Paint System May 1, 2014


This is too wild. A company called Talbot Frameworks routed Di2 through the paint and the result is a R2D2 looking road machine called the Dalsnibba. See more at Talbot.

Thanks for sharing this post Michael!

  • FinalForm

    The paint IS the wiring… it’s conductive.

    • Yes. That’s what I meant. Sorry, it’s been a busy morning!

      • FinalForm

        No problem! Saw this at the Bespoked show in London, I think it maybe needs some aesthetic development around where the cable joins the body but overall it’s a crazy effect.

        • For sure. I wish I could have been at that show!

  • Chris Loudermilk

    What happens when it rains?

    • George Leming

      Yeah those solder joints are completely exposed. I wouldn’t take this anywhere close to water, and hope I don’t crash either — pavement would shred those solder joints. It’s a novel/cool concept though. Kudos to the builder for making it happen.

      • vH

        It’s not finished in those pictures, the whole thing will be sealed.

  • adie.mitchell

    also lacks a rear brake?

    • Rich May

      It’s mounted under the chainstays.