Snow Peak and Muller: Stainless Steel Touring Bike May 7, 2014


My favorite camping / outdoors company, Snow Peak has collaborated with Japanese frame builder Muller on a Reynolds 931 stainless light touring frame.

This S&S coupler frame is currently being offered in three build kits, either with Shimano Dura Ace / Di2 or Campagnolo Veloce and it comes ready to be loaded! This might be one of the most tricked-out light touring / camping bike collaborations to date.

See more details at Snow Peak and more photos below!





  • ap

    Surprised it’s not ti coming from Snow Peak but whoa very awesome.

    • I’m not sure how Ti would do loaded… That’s my only thought.

      • Damien Milazzo

        Does fantastic. I’m leaving for a 30 day trip through Europe with a Ti Cross/Tour bike. Lightly loaded, around 30 pounds.

        • Interesting. Did you go with shaped / oversized tubing? I’ve been discussing this a lot over the past few weeks with various builders and friends.

          • Damien Milazzo

            Yeah, the downtube is 2in, seatube is 1.375, as is top tube. Big chainstays and big seatstays, and a 44mm headtube.The tubeset is a mountain tubeset so it’s a little heavier, but is easily one of the stiffest ti bikes I’ve ever ridden.

          • Brandon Kline

            Cant remember all the specs but the shop i work at had dean build a ti frame for light touring about 5 years ago.

          • That makes sense. MTB tubes should / would be able to handle bags / racks, etc. Traditional “road” tubesets might not be as resilient, especially over time. This is all speculation because I’m not a builder, nor an engineer…. ;-)

          • titanium has a yield strength (I’m not sure I’m using correct English here) about 12 to 25% lower than steel (and ofcourse almost half the weight) so if you get one of the stronger road tubesets you should be alright, or just only build small frame sizes…

      • geoff.tewierik

        BAUM have been making Ti tourers for a while now.

        • Matthew J

          Baum might want to talk to Bruce Gordon about rack positioning. A Ti Rohloff drive belt in theory should be a great tour bike but that rear rack is really high.

  • Chase

    I am surprised there isn’t a dynamo hub.

  • T.C. Worley

    so handsome

  • Powell

    What a camel!

  • David Zabowski

    I ride a custom ti touring bike and it is plenty sturdy for fully loaded touring! We used over sized road bike tubes for the main triangle and mountain bike tubes for the rear. I’ve taken it fully loaded (bike plus gear 90-100 pounds) on a 700 mile tour, including some gravel and dirt, and it did quite well.

  • Tyler Johnson

    This bike is beautiful! Seriously wow

  • Lars

    Never seen a touring rig with rims that deep! Looks killer. Di2 on a tourer might not be so smart if you’re doing a long unsupported tour away from electricity. Either way its a dope build. Makes me regret selling my tourer…

    • the batteries are only 73 grams, so you cna bring a couple

    • ap

      Or they could use a dynamo hub and charge the di2 as they go.

      • That doesn’t really work as well as you’d think…

        • ap

          Why not? Charges via USB doesn’t it? It makes for a pretty complicated system for a touring bike but seems a pretty cool solution in theory.

          • I’m pretty sure it has to do with the consistency of the charge from a hub – it makes more sense to charge up a battery pack, like a Mophie or one of the Incase batteries and then charge the Di2 battery with that – I’ll look it up but I know I read it somewhere.

          • Area45

            That has always been what’s worked best in my experience John. Let the battery pack deal with the inconsistency of the hub, and then push that power off to your device when you can. Dinner stop, overnighter or whatever.

          • The battery used here can’t be charged through USB (it’s 7.4 V and USB is around 5 V). And charging while using destroys the battery pretty quick.. Better would be to make a system with capacitors and a dynamo hub that puts out arround 7.4 V and make an electronic switching system between the hub and battery.. bla.. bla.. bla.. To much work for a bicycle that will maybe be sold 20 times!

          • solarmanjd

            use 2 bat system one charges as one deploys with easy flip switch on the fly…like a hybrid car does between battery and engine

      • solarmanjd

        am in R&D to do just that:

  • Area45

    Cool to see Snow Peak in the bicycle touring arena. They do make some great camping stuff, but I can’t get past those rims. Not my cup of tea (served in Snow Peak Purple Ti mug of course).

  • solarmanjd

    399.00USD I you can add an electric assist….go further stay out longer…or just rest while moving if you wish…some people see it as as a short sided cheat..but others see the significance in the Global market… NEIL D. TYSON AND I SAY “DEATH TO THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE”…anyone watching the “cosmos” will know…

  • solarmanjd

    we also now have the fastest electric motorcycle in the world “the Lighting” last yr beat Ducati in the Pikes Peak Hillclimb…:

  • Andrew Suzuki

    I’ve ridden across the US with a road double and road cassette (force). Doable, but extremely difficult at times up 12%+ grade (carrying about 100 pounds total with a soma smoothie and bob trailer). Very surprised that a bike released as a touring bike doesn’t have a granny gear.