Skylock: The Solar Powered Bike Lock May 17, 2014

Finally, a concept cycling product that actually makes sense… I’d want to know if someone was tampering with my lock and I like that it opens up the possibilities for bike-sharing. See more at Skylock.

  • Let’s hope it doesn’t alert you every time somebody locks/unlocks their own bike to/from the same rack as yours.
    That video’s hilarious, by the way.

  • Steve

    I’d rather just have a lock where I know that anyone can tamper with it all they like, but they’re not getting my bike. for me, the more you rely on something, the simpler it should be – don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice idea, and for what it is, it’s well thought out, but I cant see many benefits over any decent traditional lock.
    Apart from when you want to badly lock your bike, and then stay really close by (in a place with good wifi), the tamper alert seems virtually useless.
    I wonder what Hal would have to say about this?