Sand Pits and Rednecks: AWOL on the Oregon Outback – Day 02

The second day of any big ride is usually the toughest. Your body just assumes it’s going to be on the defensive for an unknown amount of time and begins to push back. Usually, that is. For Erik and I, we awoke in the Silver Lake Community Park f-u-c-k-i-n-g freezing. The weather said it would drop to 45 degrees as the low, so he and I brought hammocks and 40 degree bags in the interest of space and weight.

At 4am, my phone said it was 28 degrees. A cold front had moved in.

I was shivering uncontrollably, had I known it was going to be that cold, I would have brought a sleeping pad and a tarp, both of which I’ve used to alleviate the loss of body heat that happens in hammocks at such low temperatures. But alas, you reap what you sew. We would be cold on this trip.

All our field guide said about mile 120-240 was that we’d be crossing altitude desert and would be without water for up to 80 miles. I brought an Arundel Looney Bin to hold a 48oz Nalgene, which, after making breakfast, I filled up. Along with my two large Purist bottles. We had to get moving. Fast… It was 6:30am.

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  • Anton Blackie

    photo #26 what bar bag is this?

  • tylernol

    those salmon packs any good?

  • Dobry

    Whoa, 28 degrees. I like the “Caution” sign on the gravel road. I guess “maintained” is a concept that varies by locality.

  • I need the hammock setup. Does it all come together? Where do I find it?

    • BA Beck

      Eno Hammocks, made in Asheville, NC. Packs up in it’s own bag to about the size of a gurepufurutsu, and holds up to 400 lbs. ENO makes all kinds of accessories too, including bug nets, rain fly, lights, tree straps.

      • I wish they were made in NC / it’s Indonesia :-/

        • BA Beck

          Ah, ok. I was confused because they have (had?) a big warehouse there, right on the French Broad. Maybe it’s their HQ/distribution center?

    • REI

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      LBS: Most will be able to order through QBP

    • scott

      There are other (ie better than Eno) options out there for an ultralight hammock setup. Go to hammock forums for a wealth of info.

    • Adrian Atanacio

      Kammok+Python Straps

  • Nick

    IcyHot, WetOnes, and Neosporin. That says it all.

  • Bradley Tompkins


  • Sean Talkington

    Do you weigh 80 pounds yet?

  • awesometown

    How come you guys didn’t drink from the reservoir?

    • have you seen that water? It’s disgusting. They allow motorboats in it as well as dogs and rednecks ;-) We thought the town was a lot closer than it was. That happened to be the longest 17 miles of the whole trip… Filling up on the crooked river would have made the most sense but we just wanted to get moving…

  • vantiki

    Loving this ride report. A huge thank you for putting it together and taking the time to snap so many great photos. Can’t wait for Day 3!

  • Aaron

    Is anyone else dying for Day 03?

  • Zach Kahl

    More pictures and words about the event and Oregon bikepacking in general…

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    My ride on the Oregon coast was much more plush. I also enjoyed a sinister black ale at the end of one day. We’ve been using the same snow peak set up. It works perfect!

  • Kerry Nordstrom


  • Robert0321

    Out of all the things you post on the Radavist, these reportages are my favourite. so fucking good.

    Also, any chance you have photo #9 in Wallpaper format?

  • What cage is holding your nalgene?

  • colinworobetz

    Any word on what the hammock setup you have is? I want one.×646.jpg