Ride in Peace Ezra May 28, 2014


This is the first thing I’m posting. Ezra from Fast Boy passed away yesterday. He lost the battle with cancer… His bikes, videos and photography inspired countless people, myself included. Ride in Peace brother.

  • Salim Riley

    Guy had a strong spirit.

  • Bernard Morris

    In 2004 I stumbled across his Flickr account and followed Ezra’s rich life. One of my coworkers has his white track frame with heart headbadge and it comforts me that his work and a part of him will continue to ride in the wind. RIP Ezra.

  • boomforeal

    sad news

  • Christopher Plaskett

    From Ezra’s blog, Dec. 2012:

    ‘You would all do me an amazing service if you would entertain the notion that the fight metaphor may not be the most helpful one. Or maybe it’s not as helpful now as it was in earlier stages. It’s difficult to change the language around something when it is so engrained. “Fighting cancer..” “died after a long battle with cancer..” etc. But this implies that there are winners and losers. That if we die we have lost. But we ALL die. No one makes it out alive. That shouldn’t make us all losers. The most pernicious part of the fight metaphor for me is the notion that if someone dies young from cancer they simply didn’t fight hard enough. That if someone decides to forgo treatment, they have “thrown in the towel.”

    I don’t see any grace in the desperate clinging to life that we call fighting in this metaphor.

    Maybe instead I’m having a slow dance with a handsome and charming mad man who has made it quite clear that eventually he’ll have to USE the straight razor that he’s holding to my throat. I believe him. He doesn’t seem like a guy who lies. Why he has to cut my throat isn’t clear. In the mean time, it’s a warm embrace. I’m holding him, he’s holding me. He’s whispering the most beautiful and insane shit to me, all wise, all true. I’m trying to enjoy the dance as much as I can, trying to learn as much as I can, trying to stay present despite the knife at my throat. And now he’s starting to cry. You dig?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fighter all right. I have been from the start. Walking around barefoot with fists cocked. But this isn’t a fight.’

    • Ham Sandwich

      i’ll never forget when i read this post on his blog. especially the slow dance metaphor. sent shivers down my spine and still does. what an amazing dude ezra was, he will be missed.

      besides, if we call it a fight against cancer, when the person dies, so does the cancer. so its a draw. fuck you, cancer. takin’ you down with me.

      • mellowvelo

        This moved me, as well. Reading his blog has helped me understand a friend currently going through treatment for the same type of cancer Ezra had. Ride in Peace, brother. Thank you for what you left.

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      insightful and dark. condolences

  • recurrecur

    such a generous person.
    sad sad.

  • rmee

    So much talent, so much spirit, he will be missed. Ride on Fast Boy, ride on.

  • tbrenneman
  • fizzle

    this is the saddest i have ever been on the internet. amazing builder and though I didn’t know him it seems like he an amazing dude.

  • trackosaurusrex

    This is absolutely terrible news, the news I’ve been fearing for years. We’ll miss you.

  • campirecord

    I don’t know Ezra but I have read his story for a while now. I have chatted a bit with many of his family and extended family. Anyone in the North East, Vermonters and skiers, know how much class the Caldwell family name holds. Ezra was simply another branch of that sincerity known to extraordinary people. Cheers to a good soul.

  • Daniel Moncada

    Crazy. I literally just checked his blog yesterday to see if he updated with an entry. An amazing talented fellow Ezra was.

  • Harry

    I only ever ‘knew’ Ezra from his blog but I really liked him. A true class act. Condolences to those he leaves behind.

  • Javi

    I remember stumbling across his blog years ago around the time he was first diagnosed. Sad to hear that.

  • Dylan Buffington

    Its because of this guy I am where I am today. His bikes, his stories, his craft. Ezra is one of the most inspirational and influential builders in my life. Safe ride dude.