Ride Along: Tyler Nutter of Team Yacht Club

I feel like I’ve known Tyler for years, even though that’s mostly because I’ve probably shipped a ton stickers, kits and shirts to him. We also have a few mutual friends in NYC and Austin, so there’s a lot of overlap.

Back when Tyler first moved to Austin, we went on a few cyclocross rides and I was impressed at his bike control. Riding cross bikes in Austin, on the trails, is treacherous but Nutter held his own. Last night, while testing out the Fuji X-T1, I interviewed Nutter for a Ride Along post. Check it out below!

Ride Along: Tyler Nutter of Team Yacht Club
Words and photos by John Watson

Team Yacht Club? What the hell is that?

Tyler: Yeah dude! “Team Yacht Club is a collective of cyclocross and road racing enthusiasts, whose shared love of the sport is rivaled only by their mutual passion for being the best looking dudes at the start line. And shrimp hand-ups” – credit team VP and communications director, Matt DeMartino

Oh… cool jerseys. I’m sure people want to know how they can get one. Can they?

Tyler: We had a huge request for our floral kits from this past cross season, but the kits are team issue only. Sorry! We are trying to workout some sort of merch for the public in the future though, so stay tuned people!

You’re a Texan, right? But you lived in Brooklyn. Why move from one of the most progressive cities, to a state that is still in the dark ages in a lot of ways? Who on Earth would do that – (sarcasm) – ?

Tyler: Born and raised in West Texas, and lived in Austin for 5 years or so after high school. Then I spent a year in Brooklyn just to see what all the hype was all about and looking for a new experience, but found out I missed the Texas heat, swimming holes, good tacos, and BBQ that Austin has to offer. A Texas boy who is no match for the NYC cold, that’s who.

What’s your occupation in Austin?

Tyler: I handle hardware tech escalations for Apple retail stores and service providers. Basically, its tech support… for tech support. heh.


Cycling. What’s your background and what’s your favorite bike at the moment?

Tyler: I rode BMX as a kid all through middle and high school, I would visit Austin during the summer and hang out around Trend Bike Source, try and ride 9th street trails, or various ditches and street spots. After high school I started to loose interest and didn’t ride too much.

Then during my stay in Brooklyn I become good friends with Angelo Calilap and he got me stoked on bikes again. So when I moved back to Austin a couple years ago I bought a road bike, shortly after I met Matt DeMartino from Yacht Club, they made me feel like I was dying on a fast group ride, and he for some reason convinced me into racing Cross with them.

I purchased a mountain bike a few months back, and have been getting more stoked learning how to ride the rocky trails we have in town on it, that or the same on my cross bike.

How do you like the MTB? Tell me about it.

Tyler: It’s pretty fucking rad, and makes me feel like a kid again. Such a good time flying through the woods, skids, trying to launch off anything in the path, hoping up and down rocks, and end it off with a jump in a swimming hole.

Who’s your favorite Mellow Johnny’s mechanic?

Tyler: Thats a tough one, it’s between Chris Chou, and Ben Cross…. You have the handsome #asiantomcruise, and the TXCX Hero. I’m afraid I can’t pick just one though.


Favorite food in Austin?

Tyler: I eat Tacos excessively, that and BBQ have to be my two favorites.

You ready for cross season? It seems like your MTB skills are getting better!

Tyler: So stoked for cross season, especially with nationals being in town this year! I’m feeling more confident off road now compared to the start of last season, and the MTB definitely plays a huge part in that.


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