Ride Along: Hot Boyz of Cycling – Marc Marino

Ride Along: Hot Boyz of Cycling – Marc Marino
Words and photos by John Watson

Marc Marino is the nicest guy ever. He’s also super hot. Ladies, take note. He’s got it all: tattoos, tan lines and a track bike. On a serious note, Marc’s a good friend and I always enjoy spending time with him, especially at the Amgen Tour of California.

Today, I forced Marc out into the course to shoot some photos before he woofed down his lunch: a donut with almond butter smeared on the top… Check out a Ride Along interview below!

Ride Along: Hot Boyz of Cycling - Marc Marino

So. You race road and track, but are most known for your LOW track bike and coffee skillz. What’s this bike you’re on now? Where’d you come across it and why is it painted like that?
Marc: The Specialized? I got it after I broke my eBay Chinese carbon road bike. Um. Ahhh. It’s all black because you can match anything to it. I drew the lightning on the top tube because I was listening to Metallica one night and I found my white paint marker pen.

That’s cool, didn’t you buy that frame because you want to be like Garrett Chow and he has a few Specialized bikes?
Marc: Oh, that’s a question? Yes.

Ride Along: Hot Boyz of Cycling - Marc Marino

What’s that sticker on the seat post?
Marc: Evan Murphy’s puppy sticker. He told me what it means, but I don’t remember. I used it to mark the seatpost height and it fits there perfectly.

Where is your #fuckingfixie?
Marc: It’s at home.

Personally, I think women need to be able to look at photos of Hot Boyz on bikes – are you open to the idea of modeling in short shorts with no shirt, while draping your hot bod on carbon road frames like all the Tumblrs showcase these days?
Marc: Laughs – of course I am – I do this already, I just need people to take the pictures.

So… I take that back. Tell me about Working Class Athlete.
Marc: I like using it for more in-depth look into my day to day life and I just got a super rad film camera, so I’ll start posting film photos to it because like, no one is doing that yet.

Back to track bikes. When’s your next track crit?
Marc: Barcelona, I guess. No, Wolf Pack Civic and then RHC Barcelona.

Thanks Marc, go take a shower, you smell.
Marc: Laughs, maybe if I wasn’t wearing my kit all day…


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