Retroshift is Now Gevenalle May 13, 2014

Sometimes you need a rebrand… Retroshift is now Gevenalle, which when loosely-translated from two Dutch words, means “Give All”.

To coincide, they’ve introduced an expanded and updated product line: Hydraulic Shift Levers and Cassette Adapters both designed to address the specific needs of shifting in the mud and dirt.

While the brand clearly markets to cross, don’t forget they’re great for touring and commuter bikes. See more at Gevenalle.

  • Robo Vazquez


  • Richard Smith

    I love this stuff; so hacked! Is the re-brand the result of a Microshift lawsuit, or just for the lolz?

    • Adam Clement

      Richard – No issues with Microshift. We enjoy a great relationship with them and they have been super gracious in providing us with custom machined versions of their shift levers for our product. New name we feel better reflects our focus on producing not just shifters but all sorts of solutions for cyclocross. New HOUP product and more to come.


      • D.J. Bolles

        I just checked out the video for the HOUP cassette spacer. Great idea!

        • Adam Clement

          Thx, we are glad you like it. It is far simpler and less sexy than disc brakes and carbon fiber etc but we think it is the first upgrade you should make to a CX bike! We hope it will save many race day heartbrakes.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I wish they made this for Alfine group’s too. That would be perfect.

  • D.J. Bolles

    I really keep going back and forth on putting these on my commuter bike. I’m not thrilled with bar end set ups and these look like the shifting is in just the right spot for me, plus I love Tektro levers! I do like having my shifting cable hidden though. It’s a cleaner look…Regardless, something tells me ordering some by the end of the month!