The Radavist + Rapha at the 2014 Amgen Tour of California May 7, 2014


This Saturday, I’m flying out to my second home – California – to cover the Amgen Tour of California with Rapha once again.

In conjunction with the new and improved Mobile Cycle Club, we’ll be doing three group rides leaving from the following stages: Stage Three – Mt. Diablo, Stage Six – Santa Clarita – Mt. High and Stage Eight – Thousand Oaks. I want you to come, enjoy a nice, chill ride and have fun – and pick up some limited edition goodies from House Industries.

See more below…


To commemorate the ATOC, Rapha teamed up with House Industries to make a series of commemorative caps:

“In addition to our usual array of finery — the Mt. Diablo T-shirt for example — we have partnered up with Delaware based design shop House Industries to make something special for your cycling wardrobe. We put the design brief to them to produce a few limited edition caps for the week and they came back with one for each stage. Using their yet to be released House Velo font, they designed eight different caps that will be available only at the Mobile Cycle Club. Do not call the office, do not try to find them on our website, you must be live and direct to make this one happen. The cycling caps, not hats, look fantastic, with the colors of the leaders jerseys and the stage starts and finishes have been printed on them.”


In short, you can’t buy these anywhere but at the Mobile Cycle Club during the ATOC. See all the details at Rapha!

  • Public_Parent

    Your coverage of the ToC from two years ago was my most favorite thing ever on PiNP. Is this year going to be more like that, or last years…?

    • Honestly, no idea?… Probably a mix. I won’t be covering every stage’s race, but will definitely make it out to as much as I can. I know we have some great stories planned and a lot of that is determined by how much we can cram into a week.

      I’d say this will be the best year yet, only because we actually have things planned and year’s prior we just kind of winged it each morning. haha.

      • Public_Parent

        Sounds awesome, thanks. Any chance you’ll be in Cambria or Pismo?

        • I’ll be at each stage… ;-)

          • Public_Parent

            Right on; I’ll look for you.

  • Chris Valente

    damn those caps look sweet. too bad Diablo is during the week this year.

  • Jeff Lai

    Hey John! Good to see the website is up and running after that cyberattack shit. I’m in the East Bay, and took off Tues May 13 to bike up Mt Diablo and watch the pros. I’d also like to join the ride to Rapha MCC- any details on start time and location or will I just have to check @rapha_n_america?

    PS- I went and saw Aaron Stinner at Mission Workshop- the dude killed it! Those bikes are gorgeous; the “fundero” 650b was a work of art. I gotta scrap some money together for a frame (between Rapha and Mission Workshop, I have like no moneys left)

  • Santa Clarita is my town… I guess I’m taking that Friday off work!

  • trackosaurusrex

    Don’t forget me!

  • Hey @johnprolly:disqus, it sounds like you’ll be leaving from the start of each stage, so for the “Diablo” stage one the ride will be leaving from San Jose?

    • I have no idea – but will be posting details prior to each day’s ride, ok?

  • AJ Tendick

    Too bad you are flying in too late, their is a NorCal Meet Your Maker Ride on Saturday in Sacramento with loads of frame builders, Paul, White Ind etc type folks. Hopefully I’ll see you in Folsom if you are out for Stage 2.

    • AJ Tendick

      Also, can I bring you a Bike Dog Brewing T shirt? What size? (American Apparel)

  • David

    I really, really, really, really, really need the Orange one. If someone would be so gracious as to snag me one….I would definitely pay you back. Don’t think I can make Thousand Oaks on the 18th unfortunately…promised my 5 year old a trip to the zoo….

  • barry mcwilliams

    I’m going to be riding parts of stages 6 & 8 for sure. Would be great to hook up with you & the Rapha gang.

  • Keith Gibson

    hope you’re doing this again next year. I need something to do for my sabbatical!