Mash SF: Dylan Buffington on California Street May 12, 2014

A little bit of Salem and a lil bit of freestyle (so rad Dylan!) with a whole lotta hill bombing. This is so sick Mash!

  • Also, longest “related” sidebar ever… This series rules.

  • Tito

    What did that camera guy have to go through?

    • Mash shoots all their videos with an iPhone on a remote control helicopter. Most are uploaded directly to their secret Vine account.

      • Tom Souzer

        Tell me your serious hahaha

      • Tyler Nutter

        I was about to say I’d love to see a behind the scene video of the guy riding next to him filming, but this just killed that dream. haha

      • eckm

        very funny

    • eckm

      I’m guessing two people on a scooter with a glidecam

    • Victor_Tvrdy

      in the original mash clips from 06 or so they used to film from skateboards, didn’t they?

  • Erik Binggeser

    Still would like to see more of them go back up the hills, y’know? It certainly takes a bit of finesse to react accordingly to traffic and such but it’s still just watching gravity do the work.

    Def loved that spin intro though.

    • I think watching people climb on track bikes is boring. I’d much rather watch them bomb through trolly tracks, pedestrians, cars pulling into garages and other shit.
      Videos have to be under 2:00 minutes IMO and I like action packed into that time.

      • Erik Binggeser

        Hm true. Climbing on track bikes is a bit boring to watch, but I’d still like to know if he climbed the hill or just took the trolly to the top.

        • None of these dudes take trolleys to the top…

        • Victor_Tvrdy

          You did see the Rainier Schaefer video right?

          • Erik Binggeser


    • Tyler Howarth
  • BleekBleek

    I’ve watched this about 10x now… So sick!
    On a side note, is that the “Cardiel ledge” at around the 0:55 mark?

    • mat Terwilliger

      Yes..all hail cardiel

  • Salim Riley

    What street is this? Nothing comes close to this in DC, especially with how steep that shit is and how many intersections.

  • The scariest aspect of all: the cable car ruts. Once a rut catches your (road) wheel, it doesn’t let go until its exacted its pound of flesh.

  • Rex

    This clip is UNREAL. Is that an intentional crank flip at 0:24 or an EggBeater Failure that forces him to skid on the right leg for the rest of that murderous descent?? I can’t imagine riding a grade of that magnitude with only one foot clipped in…Truly terrifying.

  • Trev

    You ever get that pit in your stomach feeling while ALSO getting excited simultaneously? Yep, that’s how this video made me feel. Definitely bombing some hills on my track bike tomorrow.

  • Ian

    After spending all afternoon trying that circle he does at the top and failing miserably, would anyone care to explain or give me a name so I can look that shit up on YouTube?

  • Matt Long

    hands sweating. Watched it 5 times to make sure he made it down ok.

  • Ben Diarra

    True. Urban. Elegance.

  • campirecord

    I didn’t get it.

  • Harrison

    damn kid