Joshua’s Bryant 650b Fatrob Dirt Road Tourer

Joshua Bryant is a frame builder out of Portland (who looks an lot like this dude Franco650b on Instagram). He specializes in road / touring / randonneur / dirt tourers and coincidentally builds out of the old Hufnagel studios off Burnside.

This frame in particular, dubbed the Fatrob, is a special bird. Built as part of a collaboration with Matt from Folly, it’s a 650b, tubeless, neon pink, SON-powered “get rad machine” – although I didn’t see Joshua get rad on it during this ride. We’ll have to follow up at a later date.

Why do I like this frame? How could you not? It’s pink and a playful mix of old and new school components. Oh and with the Plug, Joshua can keep his iPhone charged to get the ‘gram mid-ride…

  • somehow this thing looks really fast!

    • Oh, it was going prettttty slow yesterday up hill. We all were!

  • logicandheart

    This is the nicest bike I’ve seen in a long time. Looks like a dream to ride over dirt and gravel. Any idea how it handles semi-loaded, or does it just stay strictly rando?

    • No idea… There’s a geo sheet on the Bryant site.

    • Adam Kachman

      Semi loaded it rides great , we rode all around the dalles and hood river over all sorts of gravel and threw Fatrob into corners on the flats and descending dirt and gravel roads. She’s a Fat tired road bike with touring capabilities that has the feel of steel and the handling of a well rounded gravel shredder. The Paul mini motos take the handling to a new level on descents and the son generator hub keeps it’s going all night long.

      – Adam
      Apprentice , Cycles J Bryant

  • Johnny

    Specifically, it is “Sassy Pink”

  • heart attack rider

    Man that is sweet! Great choice on the dropout.

  • PNT

    this is the kind of bike I like – bike breaking the boundaries

  • Lars

    I look at the site a lot, so much so that my girlfriend complains and tells me to get off the computer. There have been countless bikes on here that I LOVED, road, gravel, cx, xc, fgfs, track, etc; but damn this is one of the best yet. Certainly top five! I’m always amazed by the variety of bikes out there. They’re like people, all a little different and totally rad in their own way, but this one is rad in a way that really appeals to me. Mr Bryant, you have built a fine machine here, one that truly impresses and speak to me. Kudos to you!

    • Ramon Jacquez

      I got the same issue, the only cure is More Cow Bell.

    • Dude, thanks! Very kind words.

  • Bas

    Can anybody clue me in on the handlebars? Looks like the kind of shape I’ve been trying to find for a while…

    • Matthew Meyer

      They look like they might be some version of the Zipp “Short & Shallow” which is now called the SL-80

    • Adam Kachman

      Thats correct, we built it up with the zipps to get a slight outward sweep and less aggressive hand positioning to allow for long distance rides on rough roads. AKA oregon outback.

      Cycles J Bryant

  • Sebastian

    So good. Only thing I’m missing is some mid-fork lowrider mounts.

    • The ‘production’ models have them added.

      • Sebastian

        Excellent. Great bike, Joshua.

      • wyrrk

        glad to hear it. I was confused by their absence.

  • Robo Vazquez

    wow, what a piece of heaven.

  • apfrancis

    I have personal knowledge of this bike. It is ridiculously light. Like under 20 pounds. With lights.

  • Chase

    What a great bike, versatile bikes are where its at. I don’t understand the wiring though, it seems like a total afterthought.

  • Area45

    So good to see this “get rad” machine on here today!

  • Weston Edwards

    That thing is sweet.

  • Alexander Tauras

    This right here is my dream bike. Amen.