Jon’s Bad Luck 2013 Mosaic RT-1 Road

Last year was a bad year for Jon from Skratch Labs. Not related to the company, which grew exponentially since the last year’s Tour of California. No, 2013 was a bad year for Jon personally.

First, he and his wife were in the Boston Marathon bombing, then he got hit by a car in July coming down Boulder canyon, leaving his MCL torn and surgeries followed, unable to ride for a while. Two life-threatening events that gave him some perspective.

As a “life reward”, post-accident, Jon contacted Kevin at Mosaic to build a custom titanium RT-1 road with ENVE and Ultegra Di2. The inverted 2013 serves as a reminder and motivator to Jon as he pedals his way into recovery.

Right now, this bike is setup to accomodate his injuries. The saddle is slightly tilted back and the steerer remains uncut, to make the riding position a little more upright. Jon’s intentions are to slowly progress back to his normal riding position, but with all things, it will take time.

Time that Jon’s more than happy to spend riding this machine, like to the top of Rock Store during the final stage of the Amgen Tour of California, where I had, literally 5 minutes to shoot this bike!

I wish the best to Jon, his family and Skratch in 2014. Thanks to Mosaic for being so kind to him as well. See you guys in Boulder!

  • Brandon White

    How are these guys from Skratch Labs getting their Empires fitted w/ BOAs? Can this be done by an individual or is there someone out there doing it for a fee?

    • I’d imagine when you work for Skratch Labs you get to know some people in the business who can hook you up with that kinda stuff

    • Tyler Johnson

      Looks to me like they are just utilizing the lace holes and adapting it. Give it a shot! :)

    • The originals seem a tad higher quality than the pair in Jon’s photo (notice the reinforced upper around the BOA reels) . I’m sure if you had the parts, or a spare BOA shoe to cannibalize, a decent cobbler could do this for you…

  • mattkime

    I’m definitely tempted by the Empires with BOAs

  • Richard Smith

    I haven’t got past the first picture yet – THOSE WELDS!!! :-O

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Good luck to Jon and his family in 2014!