Joe Simon and Chase Hawk for Oakley May 28, 2014

I’m catching up on videos since going AWOL in the Oregon Outback. This is a must-see. These guys are some hometown heros, making Austin, Texas and BMX as a whole very proud. Joe Simon killed it for Oakley. Head over to Defgrip for some exceptional photos as well!

  • Daniel Madden

    Man Chase Hawk has come a long way. Kid has been shredding since he could walk it would seem!

  • Harry

    Chase always proves that style > tricks

  • Tyler Nutter

    Such a rad video! It’s been pretty wild to watch both of these guy’s progress over the years. Way back to Joe’s early Mutiny videos that were always rad to watch, he sure has come a long way! And Chase, well there are no words for how much he has always ripped apart 9th Street.