Introducing Wraith Fabrication: Made in the USA Cross and Road Frames May 20, 2014


Wraith Fabrication is the new project from Stanridge Speed’s Adam Eldridge. He plans on offering steel road and cross frames, at a production cost, while keeping production in Columbus Ohio. The Hustle road frame will use Columbus Life with upgraded Life S-bend stays and a Columbus tapered fork. There’s also a cross frame coming closer to season, the Paycheck.

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For those who want to support Wraith in other ways, check out the Wraith Softgoods!

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Adam Eldridge started building high performance custom bikes 5 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. His bikes have stood at the top step of the podium at the Red Hook Crit, as well as numerous road and cross events around the country. Wraith Fabrications is a new project, removing the barriers and obstacles for many customers. The wait time is gone, shipping is free, fit is free and stock sizing allows us to hand produce the frames with best possible Columbus tubing. We’re building these amazing machines right here in the USA and offering them for a fraction of the cost of not only upper tier far east pacific production steel frames but also every other made in the USA bespoke production frame made from comparable steel.

“We want to have fun. Shred. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you’re on. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. Our machines are made here in the USA by hand. We’re celebrating the brotherhood. It’s about the ride. It’s about getting more folks on a crazy nice frame. We want to see where you ride. We want to hear about your adventures. It’s an honest, sincere desire to fit folks on the best bikes possible. No over design, just simple items made from the best materials available”. – Adam Eldridge – Owner of Wraith Fabrications –

Both Road and Cross models are available, The road frame is complete Columbus Life with upgraded Life S-bend stays. The CX main triangle is Life and the stays are Zona S-bend. Both bikes include the newly released Columbus FEL 1.5 in tapered forks. Triple butted where its counts, Sexy where it matters, no corners are being cut in production. Closer examination revels industry firsts, such as, the specific bespoke aluminum internal cups in the Head tube. The price reflects Wraith’s commitment to the customer and not the margin, other brands charge twice as much for a similar frame. We are removing the ego and putting the rider first, building a production bike that performs all day long and performs like the custom bike built just for you.

  • Best of luck to Adam & co, this is a smart move. Nothing but respect for that dude.

  • LawPatrickus

    Pre-Ordered the Paycheck instantly. Thanks, John for the heads up!

  • Badass. Gotta scrape together some change for that Hustle.

  • David

    Was ready to pre-order a Paycheck. Sizes no good for me, doh. Talked to them about it, I get it, a 590+ETT size can be a hard sell when its not fully custom…ah well, hopefully in the future..

    • AdamEldridge

      Hi David, We adjusted the large to a 585 TT, I also added reach and stack measurements to help compare. With so many different ways to measure a frame I feel this may be the easiest way to determine fitment.

  • naisemaj

    Hard for us tall folk out there! I like the idea of it though, and what a good pricepoint to hit!

    • AdamEldridge

      Once we get up and going I’ll definitely introduce some bigger sizing!

      • Alex Forbes

        They look awesome. Really digging the colour scheme too! What is the approx weight of these frames?

        • AdamEldridge

          Size M is in the 3’s. Light enough. :)

          • Benny Storer

            Yo AdamEldridge, Off the top of your head, Med or Med/Large for a 5’11 punter? Benny

    • AdamEldridge

      We just dropped the second wave with adjustments to the sizing chart. :) Have a look!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Ordered one too good to pass up.