Sagan Smash Everything! May 30, 2014

Say what you will about Peter Sagan.

I am going to say that guy rips on a bicycle. While out riding with crowd favorite Marco “I like sandwiches and partying” Fontana, Sagan demonstrates an immortal level of bike control and skill. Some of you might be thinking, “what if he gets hurt, tweaks his wrist or skins his knee? ” I would argue that the mentality behind that sentiment has as much to do with the reason why we are sitting clicking buttons and looking at screens while Sagan is out sprinting the worlds best in his day job while casually nose manualing a tight switchback on the weekend.

~ Ride Fast, Take Chances.

  • Wade Stevens


  • Aaron

    Great point. That radavist spirit why he’s up there in front contesting every single sprint even if it means climbing a few mountains that the other sprinters can’t be bothered to climb. It’s why he eschews lead out trains, burns out his domestiques early (á la Mercx), and then hops on Cav’s wheel for the finish. And it’s why he’ll probably be winning the points competition for years to come.