Funeral Cycling: New Kit Day May 8, 2014

Is this trap, or dubstep? I don’t even know anymore but I like the new Funeral Cycling kits.

  • #wi†chhaus

    • no way that’s witch house…

      • witch house is what u make it

        • Oh I know – I was in Brooklyn when all that shit was happening. This is just a lil less MSV and more White Ring but with some Japanese IDM.

  • Norwegian Minimal Graveyard Trap

  • Thanks for posting this up John. We will make sure there’s some serious natureismetal in the next edit that gets churned out.

    • If it ain’t der blutharsch and the church of the leading hand , I don’t care! ;-)

  • Josh Caffrey

    Nice kits and noticed the Cadence bottles!

  • Salim Riley

    Sprint for the beer! Damn that was ggood.

  • Hollis Duncan

    What frame is the radavist on the left riding? There’s a closeup towards the end but I didn’t recognize the head badge.

    • No. 22 Great Divide… Unless it’s the other guy on the left, who is riding a Focus Izalco

  • Matt Long

    that was sick! thanks for posting.– Beer sprint and praying to the nature gods. Yes!

  • Matt Long

    :38 / pass me that beer. ahhhhhhhhh…sprint !

  • Michal Kus

    what’s the song?

    • Yung Wulf – フラッシュ \ F l a s h ////

      • Michal Kus

        Mucho thanks

  • Andrew Phillip White

    What’s that song?

    • Yung Wulf – フラッシュ \ F l a s h ////

  • Jordan Freymiller

    sounds more like “screw” music because of the vocals. bring back the syrup and you’ll understand it

    • It ain’t screw. He’s rolling over in his grave right now.

      • Minimal Graveyard Trap will do that to you

  • Trev

    Anyone have any idea where one can swoop a flask like the one in the intro?

  • boomforeal

    i can respect pros with their silly outfits covered in sponsor logos, because those guys go deeper into the paincave than just about any other athlete. but watching this guys roll through the dtes today with their goth kit and matching fluro socks… #roadiesareclowns

    • Unnecessary comment. Just because you’re not into something doesn’t mean you have to be a dick about it. You probably wouldn’t last 20 minutes on a road ride… ;-)

  • Rasmus Riemann


  • Chris Tolley

    It’s obviously Rape Gaze. It’s like all the Mater Suspiria Vision mixes with a bit of White Ring.