Field Cycles: John’s Black and Red Razzle Road Climber May 28, 2014


Inspired by dazzle camo and built with a mix of Reynolds and Columbus tubing, this Field Cycles road is lightweight and just looks mean. I’m no longer a fan of ISP’s but the continuity of this design is striking.

See more at Field!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This paint job is amazing!

  • mattbwhite

    curious as to your take on integrated seat posts?

    • My Argonaut has one. It makes it damn near impossible to travel with – especially since I’ve got such a large frame. I have to take e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g off to get it into a box. Even then, it needs a special box, just just a normal bike box.

      I’m actually getting Ben to make me a new frame without the ISP so I can take that bike with me when I travel, because I fucking love it!

      • have to agree with John here, ISP looks and rides great, but traveling with a large ISP frame is impossible! For me (I’m very tall) boxed need to be 80 cm high instead of 62 cm..

  • Patrick Murphy

    The entire Field portfolio is astounding. They’re one of the handful of builders who really tie together the frame AND the build with a unified graphic theme, and they usually do it with color combos I didn’t even know were spectraly possible. Crazy sexy bikes!

  • TLR

    Photographer man – you had one job.

  • Keith Gibson

    sick paint job