Custom Painted Scott Road with SRAM Red

This was just one of the many cool bikes I saw today. I met Youenn Colin today very briefly. He’s a designer at Ideo and painted this bike himself. Truth told I forgot which Scott road bike model he chose to respray.

Design, paint, assemble… amazing. I love the halftone detail!

  • Woof woof, orange bar tape!

  • Keith Gibson


  • reteptterrab

    Looks to be a Scott Addict SL, a very sick frame-set and we’ll worth dressing up. Nice work on the paint scheme!

  • mywynne

    That is really awesome! Huge kudos, hopefully we get to see more of his work in the future.

  • Robert Lew

    saw this bike yesterday too. simply beautiful.

  • Narudh Areesorn

    what tires are those? vittoria corsa evo?

  • unbzh

    Thanks for posting John! It was a fun (OK, sometimes frustrating too) personal project. No more sanding now, just (s)miles!
    The frame is an ’09 Scott Addict R1 that needed a serious overhaul. Nason Automotive paint & clearcoat + Montana spray for details, Red 22, Reynolds and Vittoria Evo SC clinchers did the trick. That and the neon Deda bar tape.

  • hans

    really dig the paint on this

  • firmanfirdaus

    Looks tiny. What size?